San Diego to St. Louis


On the way back to St. Louis from San Diego, Justin and I decided to make some pit stops along the way to make the journey a little more fun. Our first day was in Big Bear, CA where we rented a little Getaway cabin for the night. Our cabin’s name was Ginger, named after a grandparent of the staff (too cute).

We went on a hike, practiced our longboard skills on the trail, and enjoyed the breath of fresh air without needing our phones. It was so peaceful. Here are my favorite shots from the Getaway.

The next day we stopped in Moab, Utah. The view was absolutely incredible, but we had to hit the road as soon as we woke up. My other favorite stop was in Dillon, Colorado, right outside of Denver. When we got there, I did a quick couples photoshoot for some friends at a gorgeous lookout spot, and then of course made Justin pose with me for some too.

The last day was a boring one, because we spent it driving through Kansas. Luckily, we made it home last night safe and sound. I had so much fun road tripping for a long weekend, and I’m already plotting the next one.

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