Faddy Mag Feature


I submitted some images to the Italian publication Faddy Mag to be featured and they were released in the latest issue for May! It came out today and I’m so excited to share the shots with you guys.

These were images that I collaborated on with some of my British friends (including my bestie Sara!) while I was in London. We took the train out to Brighton Beach for the day and did this shoot. The bird image on the second page is one of my all-time favorite photos.

You can check out the spreads below, and the entire magazine here (my images are on pages 20-25!)

Image Credits:

Photographer: Gaby Deimeke

Model: Steffi Green

Makeup Artist: Emilie Mahglam

Wardrobe: Megan Knape

Creative Director: Sara Barrow

The Butcher’s Daughter Nolita Shoot


I had a super fun shoot at The Butcher’s Daughter in Nolita the other day, so I thought I would share it with you! My friend Emily Kammeyer had the idea to shoot there and I’m glad she did because I’ve been wanting to shoot there for awhile. It actually started raining during our shoot, but luckily you can’t tell in the images!

One thing I love with bright colored buildings is that they just look so crisp against light outfits. Her white top and jeans ensemble made the shoot feel light and fun against the backdrop of The Butcher’s Daughter. We went to the Nolita location at 19 Kenmare Street and it wasn’t busy at all. They have adorable yellow tables (although I did have to move a table and bench away so it didn’t distract from Emily as the focus).

She had also just gotten a cheetah print bag in the mail from Burberry (!!!) and it was the perfect pop of color to match the table. We also did some shots of her walking across the street with The Butcher’s Daughter in the background to add a street style feel.

I don’t shoot black and white very often, but we snapped a few at the end that I loved! The contrast is so nice against her white shirt and the black wall. Love how these turned out, and it just goes to show that you never know what cool shots you’ll end up with when you’re free to be creative and try new things on a shoot.

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